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IJumpTrampolines  is a retailer of Square, Octagon, Rectangle and Round Trampolines, matching Enclosures, and all necessary Accessories. Having a Trampoline in a backyard is a great way for a whole family to have jumping fun together, and especially whole body workout. Constant bouncing up and down forces our muscles to work much harder, and the best part is that we don't even notice how hard our muscles work, and at the same time we are burning fat. According to doctors rebound exercising is the best medicine for bone joints (less pressure on joints than other types of exercise like jogging) and heart. Having fun, getting a total body workout, and on top of that losing weight, are the best reasons for anybody to own a Trampoline. Jumping high is not only the privilege of children. Adults of all ages are more than welcome to try it out, and see the difference after only a few minutes of jumping on Trampoline Mat, while, of course, following Safety guidelines to avoid Trampoline Accidents. In today's high paced world, bouncing on the Trampoline might be the best way to spend some time outside, and relive a stress after a long day in office, or that never-ending and boring meeting, and probably the most important reason of all:

Free Shipping Throughout Continental USA Only-No International Orders Accepted! Pads, Enclosures, Mats and other Accesoriess Free Shipping Throughout Continental USA Only-No International Orders Accepted!

Quality of our Trampolines is very high, because we thoroughly inspect each one of our supplier products to make sure that they conform to quality requirements. From durable steel frames to extra strong springs and thicker safety Pads, they are build to last for a long time. Also, we have in our inventory Enclosures, Mats, Pads, Covers and other Accessories. Buy some of our products today, and you will be assured of high quality at very affordable price, coupled with great customer service and on-time delivery. We encourage you to browse our Products inventory and if at any time additional help is needed, feel free to contact us here with your questions and comments.

10' Round AirMaster Trampoline 10' Round AirMaster Trampoline  
  • During World War II, the United States Navy Flight School developed the use of the trampoline in its training of pilots and navigators.

  • Also, trampolines were used to help train American and Soviet astronauts, giving them exposure to variable body positions in flight.

  • The competitive sport of trampolining has been developed and it has been part of the
    Olympic Games since year 2000. 

Best Seller!! It includes Heavy Duty Frame with 4 leg bases and Blue/Green 10" wide frame pads which are 3/4" thick, 10 oz. vinyl. Free spring tool and free sun guard are part of the package .. more

16' Octagon Trampoline with Blue Vinyl Pads 16' Octagon Trampoline with Blue Vinyl Pads

One of the best deals around. Comes Complete with Deluxe 1" thick Polyethylene High Impact Foam and it has 14 oz. Blue Vinyl Pads. 112-8.5" Galvanized Trampoline Springs .. more

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