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Safety is very important when using trampolines. Making sure that safety guidelines while handling are followed, the risk of accidental injury is greatly reduced. One of the best ways to avoid injury is to allow only one person to jump at a time to avoid collisions and people being bounced in an unexpected directions. Also,  parents should always keep a close eye on their children when they are jumping on the trampoline, especially if they are under age ten. We definitely recommend using trampoline enclosures for safe, enjoyable and fun jumping experience.  

A few safety tips to avoid accidental injury:

  • Only one person should jump on trampoline at any time.

  • Trampoline should be placed away from nearby structures (another playground, trees, house etc.)

  • Child under 7 years of age should not use full size trampoline.

  • Somersaults should not be attempted unless a person is trained to do them.

  • There should be a minimum 4 feet clearance from trampoline, and any objects laying on the ground should be moved outside clearance zone.

  • Occasionally inspect trampoline pads and mats for any visible sings of wear and tear.

  • Ladder should be moved after jumper climbed onto the trampoline to avoid access by small children and should be kept away when no one is jumping.

  • Shock-absorbing pads must completely cover the springs and trampoline frame.

  • Children who use trampoline should be supervised by their parents.


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